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Weight Management

Diet and exercise are only a part of the equation for success in making your ideal weight a reality. Addressing nutritional deficiencies and hormonal imbalances are also essential to achieving and maintaining ideal weight. Otherwise, even the most diligent of efforts may be met with minimal success. No one wants to feel frustrated when tackling weight issues, Yet, it seems we've all been there!

To assist with achieving successful weight loss, Wellness Without Meds (C)2019 partnered with several wellness companies. Thorne Research, in particular, offers thyroid home test kits, prescription quality hypoallergenic supplements and a variety of plant and whey-based protein formulations. 

Prescriptive Medication

Reduce Dependence on Prescriptive Medications

The goal of Wellness Without Meds (C) 2019 is to support your journey to better health in cooperation with your chosen health care provider. Individualized suggestions for improving health, without side effects from common prescriptive medications, are provided through scheduled consultations. For pain management, anti-inflammatory formulations can be offered for non-narcotic pain relief.  Wellness Without Meds is proud to offer Neuroquell, Neuroquell Plus, ProSirona and Menastil from Claire Ellen Topicals.


Detoxing for Health

Detoxification is a process by which your body eliminates harmful toxins. These toxins are acquired from ingestion and environmental exposures. The body is designed to eliminate toxins, but over time, they may accumulate. As toxins accumulate, the mind and body are adversely affected. Common manifestations include rashes and weight gain, as well as excessive mental and physical fatigue. Many chronic illness states can be linked to toxin overload. Wellness Without Meds (C)  2019 provides resources for improving health and sense of wellbeing through gentle detoxification.


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Description of Services

Wellness Without Meds (C)2019 is an online resource to empower adults in making  informed decisions regarding their health and wellness alternatives.  

Wellness Without Meds seeks to promote health without the risk of side effects from commonly prescribed medications. It is not adversarial toward prescribing specialists or Primary Care Providers, but supportive in attempts to minimize the use of potentially harmful medications.

  Consultations are designed to explore safe, therapeutic options for promoting wellness while reducing the burden of acute or chronic illness.  Collaborations include the expertise of Pharmacists, Nutritionists and Naturopaths.

When you sign up for your FREE initial assessment, you will be asked to complete a simple one page form for pre-screening purposes.

Wellness Without Meds is a secure, HIPAA compliant website, managed by a licensed and nationally certified Family Nurse Practitioner. 

Coming Events

A BLOG was started to provide an overview of common health ailments and resources for alternative treatment options. 

Topics will include antivirals, antibacterials, antifungals, as well as  options for managing (in ABC order) arthritis [rheumatoid and osteo], asthma, anxiety/depression, elevated blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, glycemic control, heartburn/reflux [GERD],  insomnia, irritable bowel syndrome, pain management (joint and soft tissue), seasonal flu  and weight management, to name a few!  

Video presentations and links to educational material will be soon be posted for wellness education. 


Wellness Without Meds (C)2019 is committed to providing quality resources for exploring safe, therapeutic options that promote wellness. Former patients and a multitude of friends have expressed appreciation for being empowered to take charge of their health with  safe, effective alternatives for relieving pain and managing common health conditions. They often expressed relief from no longer experiencing prescriptive medication side effects, as well as reduced cost and inconvenience associated with managing a "long list of meds." 

As word spreads about this website and consultation service, I anticipate sharing many positive reviews from very satisfied customers.  


 Wellness Without Meds (C)2019 does not replace the advice of a primary health care provider, nor do services suggest a medical diagnosis or a cure. It is your responsibility to communicate with your health care provider regarding the use of all medications, including herbal of homeopathic preparations, as well as nutritional supplements. 

Current Deals

Wellness Without Meds (C) 2019 will soon be linked to various wellness websites, including Thorne Research.  Following an initial consult, an access code will be provided to establish a Thorne Research account.  Recommended hypoallergenic supplements and home test kits can then be directly shipped to your home.

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Neuroquell Plus and Neuroquell Cream, with potent anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties are now available following initial free consult. 

Additional pain relief products [Menastil, ProSirona and Neuroquell] from the Claire Ellen Topicals website are also available upon request.


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